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Here to support and educate you on your individual journey into parenting and beyond

About us...

Classes designed and taught by myself, a registered midwife and a mother to 2 children. I became a midwife because I wanted to empower women and their families. I realised the importance of antenatal education during my midwifery training and since then I knew that it was something I wanted to focus my career on. With constant cuts to the NHS services, including to antenatal education, it is a worry that families are not receiving the information they need, to enable them to become confident in their new roles as parents. I believe that every baby has the right to have the best possible start in life and every parent should have enough knowledge to make informed decisions through pregnancy, birth and beyond. This applies to ALL parents, not just first time ones, and to families of all sorts of shapes and sizes from all walks of life.


When should I begin antenatal classes?

Most people attend antenatal classes to prepare for birth, from around 30 weeks, or around 26 if you are expected to deliver early (ie multiples); though you can access them whenever you feel ready. Here at Ready Steady Baby, we offer a pregnancy class that is suitable for expectant parents who are in the first trimester of pregnancy, so you can be prepared for the changes that will occur as pregnancy progresses and how this may impact on day to day life.

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Private Classes

Choose our private classes to learn your way, at your pace and in the convenience of your home with a qualified midwife


Group Classes

Choose our group classes if you want a comprehensive evidence based knowledge, delivered to groups no larger than 8 couples 


Personalised Classes

Because every woman is different and every birth is different, tailor your education to your requirements. 


Core Topics

  • Pregnancy                                        1hr

  • Birth Preparation                               2hrs

  • Labour and the Latent Phase               1hr

  • 1st Stage of Labour                           1hr

  • 2nd and 3rd Stages of Labour            1hr

  • Your Newborn baby                          1hr

  • Baby at Home                                   1hr

  • Breastfeeding                                    2hrs

  • Bottle Feeding                                   1hr

Core subjects - £45   1hr

                     £90   2hrs

Individual Topics

30 mins each (max 2 per session) - £30 

*Including, but not limited to:

  • Caesarean Section

  • Induction of labour (IOL)

  • Placentas

  • Maternal mental health

  • Fear of delivery

  • Pre eclampsia (PET)

  • Obstetric cholestasis

  • Help creating a birth plan

  • Birthing partner role

  • Jaundice

If you wish to add extra classes to a core class or a package, you will receive £5 off the additional class. Please note, that if the core subject you have chosen is 2hrs long and you wish to add an additional subject, the session will be spilt over 2 sessions of 1.5 hours each.



The Ready Steady Baby Package, consists of 7 core classes, taught over 8 hours(9 if you choose the breastfeeding class).

Birth preparation, Labour and the Latent Phase,1st stage of labour, 2nd and 3rd Stages of Labour,Your Newborn Baby, Baby at home and One Feeding your baby class (Breast or bottle). The package is available as a group (subject to availability) and as private sessions.

*If you choose to attend the breastfeeding class as part of this package, you will receive the 2nd hour for free!

Each core class contains essential knowledge for parents to be, and together, provide comprehensive knowledge of what to expect in weeks leading up to your due date, during labour and after your baby is here.


                Ready Steady Baby Package Private Classes £300

                Ready Steady Baby Package Group Classes  £150

Private packages

3 core classes - £120

4 core classes - £150 

You can add an additional  topic to either your core class or group session, at the reduced cost of £25

Our Promise to you

After completing our classes, you should have a comprehensive understanding of your subjects. I am always happy to give time explaining or extra teaching for a topic that you have not fully understood. I promise you time, kindness, patience, compassion and versatility.

All the classes are fun filled and fully interactive and hosted by a UK midwife. All participants receive a free learning pack which will contain relevant materials and a summary of key learning points for your class(es). Both our private and group classes, include focus on mental health as well as physical health and so also examines the roles of relationships and support around parents and their new babies. This personal awareness and knowledge will equip you for your journey into parenthood.

Before every booking, I offer a consultation so that we can create the perfect learning journey for you.  

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I enjoyed every second of my classes. They were  exactly what I wanted and  I feel that my birthing experience was better because of it. Thank you Ready Steady Baby, for all of your patience, support and kindness x

We loved our RSB core classes and cannot recommend them highly enough. We chose to come during our second pregnancy as we weren't entitled to the NHS ones this time round, but knew our birth was going to be different. We learned so much and only wish we had them for the first pregnancy too!